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A series on building generational wealth through your property ownership

Our civic association encourages homeownership and is committed to preserving property values.


To achieve this goal we need members of our community to 


  • Keep their grass cut

  • Bushes trimmed

  • Property litter free


As a member of the community if you have fallen on hard times


  • There are resources available to assist you, please reach out to us.


To achieve your goals, we need you to 


  • Speak up

  • Participate

  • Support your civic association by becoming a member today

To encourage maximum neighborhood participation 


  • Annual dues are $30 for your entire household. 


If every household invests $30 we will have a $36,000 annual community budget to address

  • Scholarships for students

  • Community events

  • New neighborhood amenities 

  • Assist elderly neighbors

  • Beautifying the neighborhood by planting trees, and flowers


Become a member of the civic association today:

"The inside of your home belongs to you, the outside of your home belongs to the neighborhood." - Ms. Washington

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