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A series on building generational wealth through your property ownership

As our community prepares for Spring we encourage our neighbors to make a plan for maintaining their property. 


To achieve this goal we need everyone to 


  • Keep their grass cut

  • Bushes trimmed

  • Property litter free


If you as a member of the community have fallen on hard times


  • There are resources available to assist you, please reach out to us.


To achieve your goals and wishes for your life in this neighborhood, we need you to 


  • Speak up

  • Participate

  • Support your civic by becoming a member today

To encourage maximum neighborhood participation 


  • Annual dues are $25 for your entire household. 


If every household invest $25 we will have a $30,000 annual budget to address

  • Scholarships for students

  • Community events

  • New neighborhood amenities 

  • Assist elderly neighbors

  • Beautifying the neighborhood by planting trees, and flowers


Become a member of the civic today:

Next Civic Meeting: Tuesday March 21, 2023 at 7:30 PM:

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