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Office of the President


Summer/Fall 2023
Dear Neighbor, 
Hope all is well. Our community is on the rise. Suffolk County's largest sewer expansion in 40 years is under way, the Carlls River project, our roadways are being resurfaced, and our community civic association is continuing our campaign for natural gas lines.

BLCA is committed to safety, preserving property values, and keeping our community clean and beautiful for generations to come. All residents and business owners can be an active participant in preserving the quality of life in our community.

There are resources available to assist our neighbors that have fallen on hard times. Please do not hesitate to reach out to our community civic association. We volunteer to help others. 

We encourage all community members to invest in our civic association annually through membership. Membership dues are $30 annually. If every household participates, we will have an annual operating budget of $36,000 to address the needs of our community. We fundraise to provide scholarships for students, help neighbors in need, and to beautify our community by planting trees and flowers just to name a few. Together we established a community of excellence. Together we will take our community to the next level. 

God Bless,
Travis Steward
Belmont Lake Civic Association, Inc.
Established in 1959 the Belmont Lake Civic Association, Inc. (BLCA) is the governing body of the Belmont Lake Estates community an historically African American community in Suffolk County, New York. BLCA strives for excellence in education, unity, safety, and beauty. Today BLCA represents a diverse community of approximately 1,200 homeowners and 5,000 voters in New York State. Meetings are held monthly from September through June on the 3rd Wednesday at 7 P.M. at the Brennan Middle School Auditorium, 550 Mount Avenue West Babylon, NY 11704.
Contact BLCA
P.O. Box 2033, North Babylon, NY 11703
Become a member of the community civic association today at

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