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Office of the President


Hello Neighbor, 


This is a message from the Belmont Lake Civic Association, Inc. (BLCA). A civic association is "an organization whose official goal is to improve neighborhoods through volunteer work." Your neighborhood association was established by volunteers in 1959.


As we prepare for the warmer seasons the BLCA encourages you to make a plan for maintaining your property. The BLCA is committed to keeping you safe, preserving your property value, and making sure your community is clean and beautiful for generations to come. To achieve this goal we need you to keep your grass cut, bushes trimmed, and property litter free. If you have fallen on hard times, there are local resources available to assist you with property maintenance and repairs, please reach out to us.


There are approximately 1,200 houses in your neighborhood. The BLCA has 101 household members. To achieve your goals and wishes for your life in this neighborhood, we need to hear from you, we need you to participate, and we need your support by becoming a member of the civic association. To encourage maximum neighborhood participation annual household membership dues are $25. 


If every household invests $25 our neighborhood would have an annual operating budget of $30,000 to address the needs of our community including but not limited to scholarships for students, helping our neighbors in need, and beautifying the neighborhood by planting trees, and flowers.


If you have any questions or suggestions reach us now via email at, text or call us at 631-572-8838, or mail us at P.O. Box 2033 North Babylon, NY 11703. Become a member of the civic today at


Praying for a fulfilling season of prayer, giving, and renewal.


God Bless,


Travis Steward


Belmont Lake Civic Association, Inc.


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